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4 tips to save on Heritage day

Prepare a budget

A well planned budget helps you to restrict your expenses according to the allocated amount. Many times, we overspend on public holidays due to lack of proper budgeting, and excitement. Make it a point to stick to the budget which you would have set aside for the holiday.

Organize a “bring and share” braai

Invite your friends and family over for a braai, discuss who will bring meat, vegetables, drinks and even charcoal for fire. Always remember, being the host does not mean you should provide everything on your own.

Buy only what you want to use

In case if you decide to go for shopping, make it a point to only buy stuff that you need to use at that particular moment. If you come across a sale/promo sign, ask yourself if you needed these items before you saw the advert.

Take advantage of Heritage specials

Normally public holidays come with special promotion or sale for the day. If you have decided to go for shopping, make use of these promotions to reduce costs and save more.



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