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Moody’s Downgrades South Africa’s Credit Ratings

International rating agency Moody’s on Friday downgraded the country’s long-term foreign and local currency debt ratings by one notch from Baa2 to Baa3, with a negative outlook, keeping it at investment grade which further compounds South Africa's depressed economic...

10 Ways Stay At Home Moms Can Save Money

Let's face it, times are tough, with junk status and the state of the economy we all need to start running a tighter ship and cutting out a few unnecessary expenses. For single-income families, this can be especially true as one pay cheque doesn't seem to go as far as...

Quit These 10 Bad Financial Habits To Avoid Debt

Let's face it whether you're in debt or not we could always use some extra money at the end of the month, to put away for emergencies or for the future, but this is easier said than done. For many South Africans saving money isn't something they think about or its...

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